Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

I've been making programs for the last 11 years and professionally working as a software engineer for the last 10 years. I have largely worked on web applications, but have experience in many fields: ETL, hardware, system operations, and more.

My Github: https://github.com/krainboltgreene

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krainboltgreene/

Who I want to work with

I'm looking to work for a company that matches my ethical praxis which encompasses:

  • Inclusive & diverse leadership
  • Non-harmful software tooling
  • Focused on solving real problems

I am 100% open to discussing what these mean and if they work for your company.

Where I want to work

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA but I am open to moving to the following locations (assuming relocation is paid):

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • New Orleans, LA

I am also extremely open to remote work or freelance work and I have done so previously.

What I can do

I primarily have experience in Ruby and JavaScript, having worked on both frontend and backend features. I have extensive experience with Rails and a lot of recently accrued experience using React and Redux. I have an intermediate understanding of GraphQL (both Netflix's Falcor and Facebook's GraphQL). I have a very good understanding of PostgreSQL, with a few holes here and there from learning how to use it myself in extreme circumstances.

What I have worked on

I have contributed to a significant number of open source projects of the last 10 years, with these being the ones I think are at least important:

  • VCR (owner), a ruby network cache that is often used for testing.
  • unctionjs (owner), a collection of javascript functions with FP in mind.
  • rubygems (core contributor), mainly the CI but also some other discussions about the web API.
  • mastodon (core contributor), a federated distributed social network with significant number of users.
  • redis.rb (core contributor), a set of ruby libraries for talking to redis.
  • ramda (contributor), a collection of functions for FP in JavaScript.
  • rails (contributor), a web framework in ruby.
  • discourse (contributor), a widely used web discussion forum tool.
  • gitlab (contributor), an open source github.

Where I have worked

I have worked for the following companies:

  • Laurel & Wolf, as a Senior Software Engineer for 2 years. I wrote a significant amount of code that is currently running on that platform, including: An advanced matching system, many heavily used API endpoints, an activity monitoring log, ETL tooling, and an advanced coupon/credit/giftcard promotion system. Most of my early work there was in Ruby, but later parts were frontend development in Javascript.
  • Dollar Shave Club, as a Contract Developer for 1 month. I worked to help them transition from their Magento platform to a Rails platform. I largely did conversion tasks and teaching materials.
  • Nation Builder, as a Software Engineer for 5 months. I worked on a few minor features, but my largest contribution was a new permission system that managed who could read, write, and in certain cases "execute" (like send an email).
  • Connect For A Cause, as a Contract Developer for 3 months. I rewrote the application, added testing and some minor functionality, and on-boarded the future CTO.
  • Makindo, as a Contact Developer for 4 months. I worked primarily on making sure the old platform still worked and giving an in-depth analysis of the previous developer's work. A lot of refactoring and testing.
  • iSeatz, as a Software Engineer for 7 months. I was on the foundation team for the new contract they had with American Express to build their new travel website. Specifically I worked on the initial application and then further on the Dynamic Packaging team. I also worked heavily with the outsourced component team.
  • DECK Monitoring, as a Junior Software Engineer for 6 months. I was pretty terrible at this job, as it was my first salaried and first engineering job. I was basically just a script kiddie given a real job. I over promised and underdelivered a lot.

What I have been a part of

I have organized or been a part of organizing these events or groups:

  • Open Source NOLA Hackathon (2016), where I participated in a hackathon and won second place. I worked on an anonymous distributed social network (twitter like) that worked via Bluetooth device name. Really fun stuff.
  • Rails Girls NOLA, a small event of 30+ women getting into software development via fast and loose lessons spanning two days. I was one of the main teachers and mentors.
  • Hack Dat, a hackathon that I participated in. I built Bard with three other contestants. We didn't win, but we had a good time.
  • Rails Hotline, a hotline service for people who had rails questions. I received a lot of cool swag for being on the air for the longest time. I think it was around 9 months in total?
  • NOLA on Rails, a class for teaching people how to build Rails applications.

What I have made

These are personal projects I've shipped at one point or another:

  • Kerbal Space Station which was a mod sharing service for a specific video game Kerbal.
  • Bard which was a half-baked project management tool for a hackathon

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